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I used to write a lot of fanfiction and now I'm back to rediscover my love for writing (and maybe still fangirl a bit over MCR?). I like to roleplay.

Will take prompts/requests for one-shots.



It's been four years! I've probably missed a lot but I'm back to tie up some loose ends with my writing! 

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The diner was dark as Gerard slowly left the small room, pressed against the wall as he tried to listen past the movements of Frank. There was something there, an uninvited intruder of their only safe place. When he heard the younger man move again, Gerard gently hushed, his eyes not leaving the dark space that was the dining hall.

The moonlight filtered in through the mass of glass windows, mostly broken, and by the door Gerard could see where the dust from outside had been kicked up. There’s  movement, a fait shuffling around the side of the room and he takes a breath before he stepped into the darkness.

Before another move can be made there’s an unexpected shot fired and Gerard cursed below his breath and fell against the wall he’d been moving along.
Fuck,” he clenched his teeth together for a moment, the intense burn in his shoulder whiting his vision.
As soon as the sound reached his ears, Frank stepped out into the darkness and he strained his eyes to see the older man, to try and gauge where he needed to be. His heart pounded as he tried to stop breathing, tried to hear something.

Gerard is still as he stared into the darkness, and there it is, a movement in the corner of his eye. Without even a second thought he swung around, straightening the arm what held his ray gun and he fired.


Frank’s eyes don’t narrow, but Gerard can see them change; even in the rapidly fading light, he saw it.

“Get in the car,” Frank spat at him though gritted teeth. It’s the third time he’s told Gerard, but he still doesn’t move.
“Fine then..” The younger man breathed, looked off to the side and into the darkness for a couple of seconds. It was hard, to put up with this. He’d tried to save Gerard, left his own fucking family to save him, but it still wasn’t enough. Now they have nothing, but it still feels like there is so much more to lose.

Gerard watched Frank intently, wanting to gauge the moment, to see how far he can pull it, play with it. He doesn’t know why he does this, sometimes he doesn’t even notice it. But it has happened time and time again. Even after weeks of being around each other again, he still doesn’t know how to be with Frank.

“Why do you do this?” Frank asked and shook his head, huffed out a rough laugh. The sound is odd, doesn’t belong. At night they have to be quiet, they have to be careful.

The older man shook his head and rolled his eyes, looked away.
“I don’t do anything.” Gerard said quietly, and pushed his hair back out of his face before turning his attention to Frank again.

Frank just shrugged, looked down and watch himself pull the ray gun from his belt. He lifted it in his steady hand and aimed at Gerard.
“After all I‘ve done for you, Gerard?” He questioned, but he doesn’t care for an answer, Gerard wouldn’t give him one anyway. “I could kill you right fucking here, and you wouldn’t even care.”

“You wouldn’t.” Gerard’s voice is calm and soft, but he watched Frank as his heart pounded. He doesn’t know the day or the time, but they’ve been our here for a while. Maybe a couple of months. It’s not been long since Frank turned up at his house in the storm, before everything, but sometimes it made him think it was forever.


The sound of a weight being dropped against the cold, hard tiled floor made the hair on the back of Frank’s neck stand up, it was nearly enough for him to slam the lights on but he can’t. That would risk more danger than they’re already in. At the risk of losing one person, he can same a group. He doesn’t like to think this way, but Gerard makes the rules.

“Frank,  go check on everyone.” Gerard said quietly but stern, his eyes still focused on the darkness in front of him. Whatever he’d hit wasn’t gone, wasn’t dead. He could feel its presence. Under his breath, he counts.

Frank watched for a moment before he silently nodded to himself, then turned away to check on the others.


There’s a quiet shuffle by the window. Something is dragged across the ground, and Gerard closed one eye, focused on the faint silhouette moving in front of the window.


“Gerard, Mikey is gone-!” Frank called, rushing out to the main dining area, his eyes big in the dark but more so with panic. Another gunshot causes a blinding light, just for a second, but it is enough for him to watch Gerard fall to the ground, the older man’s ray gun sliding across the ground until it hit Frank’s foot.  Another shot from a ray gun caused another burst of light, and instead of thinking of the safety of the whole group, Frank hit the switch to flood the building with fluorescent light.
Neon Angel, chapter 3
Hello to anyone out there that may still be interested in my semi-awful writing/fanfics! 

It's been 4 years since I updated anything, and Neon Angel is just one of the few things I had left unfinished. Now I'm trying to get back into writing again, and hope to pick things up if people are still interested (or if there ends up being new followers? WHo knows!) 

Journal History

What are you doing omg you cant start something new you stupid bitch you have so much you need to finish already!

I'm sorry guys, okay? Please, just.. I have ideas. New ones. Brilliant ones. Okay, so maybe not brilliant ones, but whatevs.

But anyway, yeah- I'm starting a new story (hopefully, if my motivation doesn't fizzle out), and it's going to be KILLJOY. I know, right?! How crazy is that, I don't do much killjoy shit. And I have quite a few others ideas, like one where now Gerard dies (WAIT FOR IT GUYS~) and goes to The Black Parade and it's going to be so awesome if I get around to it. And also maybe one that's set in nowish times, Frerard, because :icontenderrevenge: makes my heart hurt and gives me inspiration.

But back to Killjoy era.
I was wonderinnnng (and I know this is probably going to get ignored) if anyone had killjoy characters they wanted put in? It'd be great, you know, to have more than just the band, and it saves me making random people up that will probably end up bleeding into each other. I'd love to have some of your own! I'm going to message a couple of people, but if anyone actually reads this motherfucker, then comment if you have your own Killjoy (are they called OC's..? I'm not sure on that.. >.<) characters, with a bit of information that I might need. I cant promise I'll do any pairings, like, OC and band, that kind of weirds me out, but whatever.

I'll just shut up now, but you should totally comment on this :D
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  • Reading: Awesome Frerard role play I'm currently doing ^.^

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