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Neon Angel, chapter 5
The sun was bright outside of the diner and the intense heat caused the air to ripple and distort the landscape around them. Gerard's condition hadn't improved much, but it didn't seem to be growing worse so the Killjoys tried to take as much comfort in that detail as much as possible. With so much uncertainty surrounding the diner and its residents, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul came to a dejected conclusion that it was better if they sent the young Killjoys to stay elsewhere.
“The static is fuckin' awful today,” Frank grumbled quietly to himself as he fussed with the desert dust-covered radio that sat out the back of the diner. Inside there was no reception at all, but now he felt frustrated in the heat and lack of information. It had been quiet since the night that Gerard was injured, which lead to his nerves to become somewhat settled, but on the other hand, the lack of the older man's recovery kept him teetering on the edge.
Before anything could be done about the transportat
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Mature content
Neon Angel, chapter 4 :iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 0 0
Mature content
Neon Angel, chapter 3 :iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 1 0
If I Was a Bad Person
Sometimes, I wish that you could love me.
Sometimes, I think that I’m happy without you.
Sometimes I barely think about you.
You are the stain on my cheeks
The water overflowing and running down
Dripping onto the tiled floor
I don’t like love
I don’t like it nor want it or have it
I don’t believe in it
But I
All your faults, all your dream
All your insecurities
The way you treated me when it was bad
And the way you spoke when it was not
Among all the books I’ve read
And every story I’ve told
It’s about love
In every
And if I could ever learn anything from them, about something I don’t believe
It’d be that you love someone regardless
Of the bad stuff
Of the hurt
And the pain
You love who they are, and you cannot stop it
And I guess
That I
And I wish that I was a bad enough person that you could love me, too
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Mature content
Neon Angel, chapter 2 :iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 3 6
Mature content
No More Waking Up, Seventeen :iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 1 2
Mature content
Neon Angel, chapter 1 :iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 1 6
Mature content
Neon Angel - prologue :iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 1 7
Neon Angel - introduction
My Chemical Romance had hit the big time.
A small band from New Jersey; five ordinary guys; suddenly made it big.
Their albums sold in a blink of an eye, fans were dedicated and obsessed.
But that was just the outside.
Inside was a family- friends and brothers.
Inside was addiction.
A love that would tear it apart.
Then came The Black Parade.
It went platinum.
An intricate story of death, dark thoughts. A want.
The album was so intense, and thick with emotion that it almost broke the band. Some say it did, because in 2007, The Black Parade was the last album My Chemical Romance released by the time the band spilt.
But it was much deeper -again, everyone was focused on the outside; the shell of the band. What was for show.
Inside the unit, two men had grown close; they'd fought, and made up -countless times. They were made for each other, it seemed.
But in a fit of anger, and hurt, the lead singer, Gerard Way, married the bassist of Mindless Self Indulgenc
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Mature content
Cherish Your Name - Frerard :iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 18 13
I Take A Scar Every Time I Cry by SparkalingCyanide
Mature content
I Take A Scar Every Time I Cry :iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 3 0
Mature content
Frankie, Baby, You'll Always Love Him -Frerard :iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 7 23
Parental Differences
Hey mom,
I just want to ask you one thing
and apologize for everything I've been
I've let you down, I've let myself down
and I keep pushing everyone around me out
I'm sorry about dad
and I'm sorry I cried
I try to believe words you say
and I try to trust your lies
I try to be good, but I only make you sad
I want to go away, but I always come back
I don't want you to hurt
and I know I only make it worse
but I am sorry I cried
and I'm sorry I feel like I'm dying inside
I know I'm a failure
and I know I'm not right
I know I'm argumentative
and I feel bad when we fight
But I cant say "I love you"
and I don't want to hate
and I can't say I'm honestly sorry
for anything I've done to date
Do you still love me for everything I've done,
for every secret I've become?
:iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 6 4
Scared To Death
All of a sudden, death became a terrifying prospect to me. All my thoughts of suicide, murder and people dying, it suddenly scared me.
Death was much, much bigger than I ever thought. I thought I could tame it, control it, it couldn't take me if I took myself. But I was being selfish and naïve. I was so wrong.
Because all in a rush, I had something to lose. Something I'm not prepared to give up. I'm still selfish; I want to die first, but death scares me now.
I was once intrigued, thought it'd be an adventure, something to do when I got bored. I've realised it's so much more; it's no coming back, it's possibly never seeing that person again, their smile, never hearing that song.
I'm not so sure if I can give that up.
But I don't want to be the loser- I don't want to be left with nothing again, on my own, without that smile and that tune. I'd prefer to be scared and take my chance than risk being left behind. It's a thought that could scare me to death.
:iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 7 10
So Much For My Happy Ending
Lets talk this over, it's not like we're dead
I kind of, sort of, maybe, like you..
Oh.. Well I don't know what to say.
Was it something you did, was it something I said?
I've waited for weeks, months for your reply; but still nothing.
Don't leave me hanging, in a city so dead
You were so sure that we'd work out. I should have believed you; listened to the words you never spoke.
Held up so high, on such a breakable thread
I had my punk hair, a different colour every week; I had my lip pierced and dreams of tattoos. You had your long hair, your body art and so much metal piecing your skin I'd wonder if it was heavier than the music you listened to.
I was all the things you thought you knew, and I thought we could be
You sarcastic bastard; how you'd make me laugh at the most inappropriate times. I still remember the times you made me laugh so hard I cried.
You were everything, everything that I wanted
The other kids made me feel stupid at
:iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 3 2
Mature content
I Hate Everything About You - Frerard :iconsparkalingcyanide:SparkalingCyanide 9 21

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LIFE ON THE MURDERSCENE: The Short Comic Series by XBlackFerretX LIFE ON THE MURDERSCENE: The Short Comic Series :iconxblackferretx:XBlackFerretX 301 91
Useless knowledge about mwah
001. Real Name : Carmen Nicole Hall
002. Nickname[s]: Car & Nikki
003. Zodiac Sign : Virgo
004. Male Or Female : A feminine male trapped in a woman's body ;) but seriously I'd be so much happier a feminine gay guy!
005. Elementary : I'm American I went to Etowah Elementary
006. Middle School : Rugby
007. High School : West Henderson High
008. Hair Color : Naturally brown but I love to color it different colors. Currently dark burgundy but thinking about going Gerard red
009. Long Or Short : *assumes they mean hair* Short
010. Loud Or Quiet : I'm usually quiet. I'm an observer. If I'm close to you I'll talk and laugh a lot. I play music loud.
011. Sweats Or Jeans : Jeans
012. Phone Or Camera : Phone (with a good camera  )
013. Health Freak: Not hardly
014. Drink Or Smoke: No and No
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Does Frank Iero and Gerard Way count? People I actually know :iconGerardWayisAwesome14: and :iconGoreBeeCormick:
016. Political orientation: Could go on all day!
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Frank Iero Quote Tattoo by TenderRevenge Frank Iero Quote Tattoo :icontenderrevenge:TenderRevenge 46 26
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You're Toxic, I'm Slipping Under :iconkilljoyatheart:KilljoyAtHeart 51 129
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Enjoy Your Flight. :iconkilljoyatheart:KilljoyAtHeart 114 99
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The Power of Imagination. :iconkilljoyatheart:KilljoyAtHeart 50 64
LT's Sunkissed II Action by Lady-Tori LT's Sunkissed II Action :iconlady-tori:Lady-Tori 2,033 100 I want it all. by chocolatte I want it all. :iconchocolatte:chocolatte 203 46 Hey, Little Music Man by kinipelahh Hey, Little Music Man :iconkinipelahh:kinipelahh 14 13 Tranquil by kinipelahh Tranquil :iconkinipelahh:kinipelahh 301 31 My Funny Valentine by chocolatte My Funny Valentine :iconchocolatte:chocolatte 750 167
Don't give me the commas,
Give me the full stops.
I got your point at first,
But now it's turning to rot.
Just stop.
Stop talking.
It's driving me insane.
I can't block the words
That swarm around my brain.
I was swimming before,
But now I've sunken right down
Stop the currents, stop the flow,
Before I choke and drown.
I need that full stop
For I've now had enough.
Enough of your commas,
But oh, you'd better obey.
Move aside, stand down,
Or else I'll send you to the grave.
:iconlunaticwalrus:LunaticWalrus 2 0
Emo Drawing Attempt by BTRluv4ever Emo Drawing Attempt :iconbtrluv4ever:BTRluv4ever 3 0 best friends ^_^ by kitzahphrenic best friends ^_^ :iconkitzahphrenic:kitzahphrenic 2 0 Refined Severity by boogerfacemonkey Refined Severity :iconboogerfacemonkey:boogerfacemonkey 3 0 Bloods Flavor by Raven97 Bloods Flavor :iconraven97:Raven97 6 0


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United Kingdom
I used to write a lot of fanfiction and now I'm back to rediscover my love for writing (and maybe still fangirl a bit over MCR?). I like to roleplay.

Will take prompts/requests for one-shots.


The sun was bright outside of the diner and the intense heat caused the air to ripple and distort the landscape around them. Gerard's condition hadn't improved much, but it didn't seem to be growing worse so the Killjoys tried to take as much comfort in that detail as much as possible. With so much uncertainty surrounding the diner and its residents, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul came to a dejected conclusion that it was better if they sent the young Killjoys to stay elsewhere.

“The static is fuckin' awful today,” Frank grumbled quietly to himself as he fussed with the desert dust-covered radio that sat out the back of the diner. Inside there was no reception at all, but now he felt frustrated in the heat and lack of information. It had been quiet since the night that Gerard was injured, which lead to his nerves to become somewhat settled, but on the other hand, the lack of the older man's recovery kept him teetering on the edge.

Before anything could be done about the transportation of the young Killjoys they needed to have at least some sort of idea about the safety of the desert. It was very rare that their surroundings were safe but most major incidents were reported on the radio, which they needed to keep an eye on. Getting ambushed while out in the desert was an almost sure-fire way to get oneself ghosted.

After a few moments of fussing with the radio waves the machine crackled to life, a husky voice cut through the dryness of the dusty air to announce the latest weather report. Frank frowned as he listened and rubbed a hand over his face. By the sound of it, there was a high chance that their district would be hit by a sandstorm in the next couple of days which dramatically lessened the available time to leave the diner. He only liked leaving at night and driving with the headlights off to avoid any unwanted attention, because the amount of dracs skulking around the wasteland that they called home held higher numbers during the day. Now it looked like they didn't have a choice. He left the radio on as he walked back into the diner, and gave the clock on the food court wall a glance before he headed into the room where Ray watched over Gerard.

“The kids need to be moved today.” Frank said softly as he looked at Gerard, causing his heart to clench with worry. “There's a storm coming and we won't be able to leave in safety for at least two more days, not that we even have enough supplies for that.”

Ray looked away from the sleeping man on the bed to look at Frank, and he gave a forlorn nod. “Then I guess one of us will leave tonight.” He said quietly. A worried sigh escaped with his breath. “The best place to take them is to Dr. Death, he'll be able to keep them safer than us and has the supplies to support more people.” It required them to leave their safe zone to get to Dr. Death's camp, but with their own supplies almost empty they didn't have a choice. On top of Gerard being critically injured, the disappearance of Kobra Kid left them with half a gang and significantly lowered their chances of a safe trip.

Frank shook his head to himself and looked away from Gerard.
“I'll go.” He said softly and looked at Ray, his lips pursed together for a moment. “I can't look after him the way you can, you already how I froze up. I wouldn't know what to do if anything else happened to him.”

They sat in silence for a moment before Ray nodded. He knew that Frank was right, he was medically trained and the younger man wasn't but that didn't make the decision any easier. “You'll take a radio with you?” He asked, and he moved to stand up. They needed to get things packed for the departure and work out a list of what Frank needed to bring back.

“Of course.” Frank murmured quietly and he gave Gerard one last look before he turned to step out of the room. He went to their supply room to start creating an inventory while Jet Star informed the Killjoys that they would have to leave soon.


Frank sighed as he loaded the last crate of water into the back of the Trans AM, packing as much as possible before he had to head back out into the desert again. After getting the car all loaded up he said goodbye to the Killjoys that he'd just dropped off at Dr. Death's camp, waving goodbye to the others and then he climbed into the car and started the long journey back to the diner. The heat was almost unbearable and he kept having to take his hand off of the wheel to wipe the sweat from his forehead, even the breeze that wafted in through the open window was warm and sticky.

As the horizon rippled in the distance and the sun began to sink Frank had slow to a stop. He rubbed his eyes and reached for a bottle of water, and once he'd opened it he downed nearly half of the contents in a few gulps. He looked out of the window as he just breathed for a few moments; he wasn't feeling too great, but he was in the middle of nowhere and needed to get moving again.

The setting sun cast wavering shadows as it fell behind parched trees and dried out shrubbery, as it did Ghoul squinted as he looked into the distance. He stared for a while before he realised that a dark area by a skeleton of a tree really was moving. Whilst he was travelling alone he had to be cautious, but Fun Ghoul's curiosity got the better of him and he began to drive slowly towards the unidentified entity. As he drew closer Frank's eyes began to focus on the mass that had been slowly shifting on the dirty ground, and when he realised that it was a person his eyes grew wide and for a moment, pure panic coursed through him.

It was only after a second look and a careful lean forward towards the steering wheel to get a better look did he recognise the body.
“Mikey-?” He breathed to himself, dumbfounded, then he remembered that he could be in a very dangerous situation. This could be a setup, and if he didn't get back to the diner with the supplies they so desperately needed, Gerard and Ray wouldn't make it through the storm that was quickly approaching.
“Fuck, Mikey.” Snapping himself out of his confusion, he opened the door and climbed out of the still-running car.

The other man was groaning lowly as he stirred slowly, unable to move much at all. It was obvious that he had been out in the heat for a long time, his skin stained from the sun and desert dust. Frank moved over to him after looking around and tried to talk to him, to check that he was okay and that they weren't in any danger. But Kobra had been exposed to the elements for too long and was surely suffering from heatstroke, so all Ghoul could do was help him into the car. They moved slowly, Mikey barely coherent and Frank tired.

His lip pinned between his teeth, Frank kept glancing at Mikey as he drove back towards the diner, anxious and concerned. What if they had placed a tracking device on Kobra Kid? What if he was drugged and would suddenly wake up, ready to carry out the monstrous deeds of BL/ind? The Killjoys had been out of the loop for so long that sometimes Frank highly doubted that they knew the full extent to which Better Living Industries would go to eradicate them.

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An artificial hum filled the dining court with a flickering fluorescent light while everything else seemed to be suspended in a impeccable silence. As his eyes adjusted, Frank's hazy vision started to focus on the dark red fluid that was seeping towards him, coating the monochrome floor tiles a glossy crimson.
“Gerard..” He breathed, his body tense with shock as he stared at the older man sprawled on the cold floor. Gerard's breathing was shallow, his eyes closed as Frank just looked on, his brain unable to jump start himself into movement.

With his attention focused solely on the older man, Frank didn't notice a shadowy figure silently slip  away from the scene. Although the intruder was gone their safety had been greatly compromised.

“Frank, I need some help.” Gerard managed to whisper out through clenched teeth, taking a sharp inhale as he struggled to breathe through the pain. The skin of his chest was searing from the blast of the ray gun shot and he wasn't sure how much blood he was losing, or how quickly. “Need to get this patched up quickly, don't know how much is left.” His body heat was rapidly dropping, black edging softening his vision as he tried to access his own damage.

“Fuck- yeah, fuck- of course.” Frank stuttered quickly when he'd managed to crash back into the reality of the situation. He darted across to retrieve one of the many first-aid kits from behind the counter, then dropped to his knees beside the red headed man. “Fuck, Gerard- this is a lot of blood. You need to get to the hospital.” He panicked as he ripped a sterile cloth compress out of its packaging and pressed it to the charred skin of Gerard's wound.

While Gerard desperately needed medical attention there was no way for it to be sought out- the hospitals were all located inside the city boundaries, equipped to deal with even the most horrendous injuries but available only to civilians that submitted to Better Living Industries and their meticulous commandments. Getting to a hospital was a necessity that would need to be worked around.

Gerard's rapidly draining energy didn't even allow him to make an ill-mannered comment on this, his body already beginning to lose the fight to stay awake. “Just need the bleedin' to stop.” He murdered quietly as his eyes slowly dropped closed. The shot had gone straight through Gerard's chest, but at an angle that landed the worst of it up through the tendons of his shoulder. And while blood flowed from him quickly, it wasn't as life-threatening as it could have been if it was just a few millimetres lower.

As Gerard drifted in and out of conciseness and Frank attempted to ease the blood flow, Ray emerged from the store room that he shared with Mikey. The most medically trained person in their community, Jet Star was the next best option when it came to needing a hospital.
What the fuck happened?” He exclaimed, his eyes wide when his gaze landed on Gerard on the floor, his medicinal instincts kick-starting at the sight of the trauma. He immediately moved to kneel next to Frank, putting his hand over the bloodied compress that the younger man had held pressed to Gerard's chest.  “Frank, I need you to get the vodka from the store room, and some extra bandages that are in there. We're going to need to flush his wound out and pack it with sterile wadding before he bleeds out.” He spoke clearly and calmly, but his heart felt like it was break his chest open with its hard, rapid beats. There had been a fair few incidents that he'd had to take care of in the past, many scrapes and injuries that were all just part of venturing out into the desert. But this was big, it was serious, and last time they had to handle an injury of this calibre they lost him. The poor soul got infected too quickly for Ray to be able to save anything. He always gave the best he could, but that wasn't always good enough.
“Frank, go.” Ray pushed sternly, forcing his attention away from Gerard to look at the younger man. “We will lose him if we don't hurry.”

The severity of the situation panicked Frank even more but he managed to get himself to his feet and rush to the stockroom. He wasn't normally so slow, so shocked into doing nothing- but this was Gerard. He'd already lost his family, his beautiful wife and children, and now he was faced with having the love of his life brutally ripped away from him, right in front of his eyes. He grabbed an armful of bandages and an unopened bottle of vodka before he returned to Ray and Gerard, carefully setting everything down by Ray's side. “What do you need me to do?” He asked quietly, his eyes on Gerard's face, brow creased heavily as he watched Gerard's pale skin lose colour.

“I need you to hold him still. This isn't going to be easy, and it's going to hurt a lot.” Ray said softly, aware of Gerard's deteriorating state. The other man may not even be aware of what's about to happen, but the pain will surely snap him back into consciousness long enough to be in agony before he passed out from it. He opened the bottle and poured some vodka over his hands before he opened a bandage, soaking that too. “Okay, Gerard. This has to be done.” He said quietly, giving Frank a cursory nod before he took away the blood-soaked compress.

His lip pinned firmly between his teeth, Frank leant an arm across Gerard's chest, careful to avoid the area being worked on, and watched the older man's face intently for any sign of his stare changing.
Gerard gave an immediate jerk when Ray flushed the wound with the antiseptic liquid, a sharp gasp of air snapping his eyes open. Ray moved quickly as Frank held Gerard still to the best of his ability, flushing the wound and then packing it with cleansed bandages. When he'd filled the gap as much as he could, he opened an adhesive patch from the first-aid kit, wiping the area on Gerard's chest clean before applying it.

Gerard's sounds of pain echoed through the building, waking anyone that hadn't arisen at the previous scuffle. The youngsters all knew better, they knew to stay in their room until someone they trusted told them that it was safe to leave. Part Poison's howling terrified them but they couldn't do anything to fix it, just hoped that it wasn't an enemy taking control of their settlement.

The pain was too much and caused Gerard to black out, which Frank was almost thankful for. He didn't want for the older man to suffer more than he had to. He and Ray carefully manoeuvred Poison into the bedroom he and Frank shared, making sure that he was propped up enough to ease the bleeding as much as possible. Ray talked him through the schedule they would have to keep to make sure that Gerard had the best possibility of surviving, all the while they tried not to think of what might happen if it all took a turn for the worst. Mikey was gone and they were miles and miles away from the city boarder, with only two of them present any excursions for supplies would be incredibly risky. It was forbidden to leave the diner alone, just one of the many rules that Gerard had implemented to try and ensure everyone's safety.

While Gerard rested as peacefully as possible, Frank checked the boundaries of the diner and then reassured the anxious teenagers that had been waiting in their room that everything was safe, even if only for a little while. Together, Ray, Frank and the others fixed up the diner as best as they could, having shut the lights off to work in the faint flickering of candles as they repaid as much damage as they could. It was vital that they made the building safe again, especially for Gerard's recovery and until they got a hold of Mikey again. Soon they'd need more supplies, but while Gerard's health was touch and go and Mikey was gone they had to wait and try not to let the unease and darkness creep further into their once safe place.
Neon Angel, chapter 4

Another update! There's going to be 8 more chapters in this story and then it's over! Please leave feedback as I'm getting back into writing after a 4 year break and would love to know how people are feeling about this story. Updates will happen weekly, with potential to have more than one sometimes. Hope everyone is well and excited for the holidays!

original post & preferred layout etc.:…
also posted on


It's been four years! I've probably missed a lot but I'm back to tie up some loose ends with my writing! 

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The diner was dark as Gerard slowly left the small room, pressed against the wall as he tried to listen past the movements of Frank. There was something there, an uninvited intruder of their only safe place. When he heard the younger man move again, Gerard gently hushed, his eyes not leaving the dark space that was the dining hall.

The moonlight filtered in through the mass of glass windows, mostly broken, and by the door Gerard could see where the dust from outside had been kicked up. There’s  movement, a fait shuffling around the side of the room and he takes a breath before he stepped into the darkness.

Before another move can be made there’s an unexpected shot fired and Gerard cursed below his breath and fell against the wall he’d been moving along.
Fuck,” he clenched his teeth together for a moment, the intense burn in his shoulder whiting his vision.
As soon as the sound reached his ears, Frank stepped out into the darkness and he strained his eyes to see the older man, to try and gauge where he needed to be. His heart pounded as he tried to stop breathing, tried to hear something.

Gerard is still as he stared into the darkness, and there it is, a movement in the corner of his eye. Without even a second thought he swung around, straightening the arm what held his ray gun and he fired.


Frank’s eyes don’t narrow, but Gerard can see them change; even in the rapidly fading light, he saw it.

“Get in the car,” Frank spat at him though gritted teeth. It’s the third time he’s told Gerard, but he still doesn’t move.
“Fine then..” The younger man breathed, looked off to the side and into the darkness for a couple of seconds. It was hard, to put up with this. He’d tried to save Gerard, left his own fucking family to save him, but it still wasn’t enough. Now they have nothing, but it still feels like there is so much more to lose.

Gerard watched Frank intently, wanting to gauge the moment, to see how far he can pull it, play with it. He doesn’t know why he does this, sometimes he doesn’t even notice it. But it has happened time and time again. Even after weeks of being around each other again, he still doesn’t know how to be with Frank.

“Why do you do this?” Frank asked and shook his head, huffed out a rough laugh. The sound is odd, doesn’t belong. At night they have to be quiet, they have to be careful.

The older man shook his head and rolled his eyes, looked away.
“I don’t do anything.” Gerard said quietly, and pushed his hair back out of his face before turning his attention to Frank again.

Frank just shrugged, looked down and watch himself pull the ray gun from his belt. He lifted it in his steady hand and aimed at Gerard.
“After all I‘ve done for you, Gerard?” He questioned, but he doesn’t care for an answer, Gerard wouldn’t give him one anyway. “I could kill you right fucking here, and you wouldn’t even care.”

“You wouldn’t.” Gerard’s voice is calm and soft, but he watched Frank as his heart pounded. He doesn’t know the day or the time, but they’ve been our here for a while. Maybe a couple of months. It’s not been long since Frank turned up at his house in the storm, before everything, but sometimes it made him think it was forever.


The sound of a weight being dropped against the cold, hard tiled floor made the hair on the back of Frank’s neck stand up, it was nearly enough for him to slam the lights on but he can’t. That would risk more danger than they’re already in. At the risk of losing one person, he can same a group. He doesn’t like to think this way, but Gerard makes the rules.

“Frank,  go check on everyone.” Gerard said quietly but stern, his eyes still focused on the darkness in front of him. Whatever he’d hit wasn’t gone, wasn’t dead. He could feel its presence. Under his breath, he counts.

Frank watched for a moment before he silently nodded to himself, then turned away to check on the others.


There’s a quiet shuffle by the window. Something is dragged across the ground, and Gerard closed one eye, focused on the faint silhouette moving in front of the window.


“Gerard, Mikey is gone-!” Frank called, rushing out to the main dining area, his eyes big in the dark but more so with panic. Another gunshot causes a blinding light, just for a second, but it is enough for him to watch Gerard fall to the ground, the older man’s ray gun sliding across the ground until it hit Frank’s foot.  Another shot from a ray gun caused another burst of light, and instead of thinking of the safety of the whole group, Frank hit the switch to flood the building with fluorescent light.
Neon Angel, chapter 3
Hello to anyone out there that may still be interested in my semi-awful writing/fanfics! 

It's been 4 years since I updated anything, and Neon Angel is just one of the few things I had left unfinished. Now I'm trying to get back into writing again, and hope to pick things up if people are still interested (or if there ends up being new followers? WHo knows!) 

regular updates here:…

Journal History

What are you doing omg you cant start something new you stupid bitch you have so much you need to finish already!

I'm sorry guys, okay? Please, just.. I have ideas. New ones. Brilliant ones. Okay, so maybe not brilliant ones, but whatevs.

But anyway, yeah- I'm starting a new story (hopefully, if my motivation doesn't fizzle out), and it's going to be KILLJOY. I know, right?! How crazy is that, I don't do much killjoy shit. And I have quite a few others ideas, like one where now Gerard dies (WAIT FOR IT GUYS~) and goes to The Black Parade and it's going to be so awesome if I get around to it. And also maybe one that's set in nowish times, Frerard, because :icontenderrevenge: makes my heart hurt and gives me inspiration.

But back to Killjoy era.
I was wonderinnnng (and I know this is probably going to get ignored) if anyone had killjoy characters they wanted put in? It'd be great, you know, to have more than just the band, and it saves me making random people up that will probably end up bleeding into each other. I'd love to have some of your own! I'm going to message a couple of people, but if anyone actually reads this motherfucker, then comment if you have your own Killjoy (are they called OC's..? I'm not sure on that.. >.<) characters, with a bit of information that I might need. I cant promise I'll do any pairings, like, OC and band, that kind of weirds me out, but whatever.

I'll just shut up now, but you should totally comment on this :D
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